Shoot (Stun) Me in the Face

27 Aug

I’ve been waiting for Mondo to put their limited edition Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster on sale, which finally happened today. I was checking all morning and following the Twitter feed to see if the sale had begun, all along trying to be as patient as possible. I stepped away from my computer for almost an hour, though, and in that hour the sale started.

By the time I came back, they were sold out. All gone.

Several have already shown up on eBay for twice (or more) the original asking price, because some people are bastard people.

Now, before anyone reading this (there is not anyone reading this) invokes the Snooze/Lose clause, I’m well aware that it’s my mistake. I should have remained glued to my laptop all day until the sale was announced, because I knew that there were going to be less than 400 of these sold (I was not interested in the “variant” version, which is even more rare, because it didn’t have the title or credits, and that’s just not a movie poster as far as I’m concerned. Also, I need medication). That doesn’t make me any less disappointed in the final result.

If anyone reading this (there is not anyone reading this) has a line on one of these and wants to see it go to a good home, let me know. I promise to frame it and clean it, give it plenty of food and sunlight and kiss it before bedtime every night.

Stupid limited editions. Stupid internet. Stupid me.


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