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Boldly Going: A First-Timer’s Journey Through Star Trek

29 Aug

Originally published September 8, 2009 at

Star Trek turns 43 today. To most people, that fact probably doesn’t mean much. It didn’t used to mean much to me.

To a small group of people — call them Trekkies or Trekkers (I know the latter is the “preferred” term, but it’s all kind of made up anyway, right?) — the anniversary of Star Trek‘s premiere means a lot. For those devoted individuals, it’s more than a show; it’s a way of life. That’s an oversimplification, of course, but can you think of another television show that’s had the effect on its fans the way Star Trek has? I’ll answer for you. No. Continue reading

Shoot (Stun) Me in the Face

27 Aug

I’ve been waiting for Mondo to put their limited edition Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster on sale, which finally happened today. I was checking all morning and following the Twitter feed to see if the sale had begun, all along trying to be as patient as possible. I stepped away from my computer for almost an hour, though, and in that hour the sale started.

By the time I came back, they were sold out. All gone.

Several have already shown up on eBay for twice (or more) the original asking price, because some people are bastard people.

Now, before anyone reading this (there is not anyone reading this) invokes the Snooze/Lose clause, I’m well aware that it’s my mistake. I should have remained glued to my laptop all day until the sale was announced, because I knew that there were going to be less than 400 of these sold (I was not interested in the “variant” version, which is even more rare, because it didn’t have the title or credits, and that’s just not a movie poster as far as I’m concerned. Also, I need medication). That doesn’t make me any less disappointed in the final result.

If anyone reading this (there is not anyone reading this) has a line on one of these and wants to see it go to a good home, let me know. I promise to frame it and clean it, give it plenty of food and sunlight and kiss it before bedtime every night.

Stupid limited editions. Stupid internet. Stupid me.


Is There a New Star Trek On the Way?

25 Aug

Not necessarily.

Angie Han at /Film reports that a writer by the name of David Foster (and his company, 1947 Entertainment) has a pitch for a new Star Trek series, which he has basically mapped out for a 5-7 year run. But before we get all excited about this actually happening, the piece makes it sound like this is just a Star Trek fan with an idea for a new show. There’s not much indication that it’s any further along than any past attempts to get a new series on the air, and while there are certainly signs that Foster is a devoted fan with every intention of remaining faithful to canon (he says as much in the piece; the show will take place post-Voyager but won’t have any alternate timeline stuff, a la the 2009 Star Trek), this still sounds to me like a guy who has invested a huge amount of time and energy in creating a new world and characters but isn’t any closer to a show than any fan who has done the same thing. I’m not sure why the story got picked up as though this is happening, but maybe it will be some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy — the story will generate interest and the show will go to series based on that.

There hasn’t been any kind of Star Trek series on the air (not counting reruns in syndication) since Enterprise was canceled in 2005 — which, incidentally, marked the first time a new Star Trek series wasn’t airing since The Next Generation started in 1987.

I’m a little skeptical about whatever the next Star Trek series is going to be, if we do, in fact, get one at all (and I think we will eventually). When DS9, Voyager and Enterprise went on the air, it was with the understanding that they were appealing to the (admittedly large) niche audience of Trekkies. Or Trekkers. Or whogivesashit. Now that J.J. Abrams’ Trek has opened the universe to a new, wider audience, I fear that Paramount won’t be interested in a new series reverting back to niche appeal — any new show will have to be a show for everyone, and I’m not sure what that would look like.

Still, if this means we’re closer to having a new Star Trek show on the air, I’m all in favor. I’m still in the honeymoon phase, so any Star Trek is good Star Trek as far as I’m concerned.