Boldly Going: What Are Little Girls Made Of?/Miri

27 Feb

It’s the New Year now, and one of my resolutions is to be better about keeping up with Star Trek and Boldly Going. Seeing as I’m not even halfway through the first of three seasons of the first of five series (just typing it out that way is enough to give me a panic attack), I’ve got my work cut out for me and need to get moving on this project if I’m going to finish by the time my son is in high school (not that that’s really the goal). I’m hoping to get at least a column up each week, though even that may be more ambitious than I realize right now.

I will say this: watching the two most recent episodes of TOS, “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and “Miri,” I felt really happy. As I get older, fewer and fewer things make me happy. Maybe I’m getting more jaded (if that’s possible) or maybe I’m losing my patience with things or maybe the more I see the more things lose their novelty. Whatever the reason, I can almost count on two hands the things that make me genuinely happy (yes, my wife and son are number one), and even some of those have been lost. Comic books have become prohibitively expensive. Thanks to Adult Onset Juvenile Diabetes, I can’t drink Pepsi anymore. There’s two things that have bitten the dust.  But watching Star Trek, I realized that it made me happy and I became really thankful for discovering this 40+ year old sci-fi show, late as I may be to the party. I’m happy being in that world. I’m happy being on board The Enterprise. I’m happy watching Star Trek, and even realizing that fact makes me happy.

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Lost Star Trek Script Now Available

23 Feb

An unfilmed script from the original series of Star Trek has been discovered after 40+ years.

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Boldly Going: Mudd’s Women

16 Feb

Annnnnnd…I’m back.

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Saddest Man Alive Loses Starship in Divorce

16 Feb

This is slightly old news at this point, but I’ve been away from RSD for a while and am trying to get back on track (again). This was too good not to mention.

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Lots of Star Trek 2 (Not Star Trek 2) News

9 Dec

I’ve neglected Redshirt Diaries for the last month for a whole bunch of reasons, and for the three of you reading I do apologize. I’m going to try and get back in the swing of things again, mostly because I miss being away from Star Trek (side note: in the meantime, I’ve picked up a nasty Doctor Who habit, so my descent into total nerdiness continues).

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Germany is Finally Cool with “Patterns of Force”

8 Nov

“Patterns of Force,” otherwise known as the “Nazi episode” from Season Two of Star Trek, has finally been shown on German television, more than 43 years after it originally aired in the U.S. Continue reading

Will Benicio Del Toro Play the Villain in Star Trek 2 (Which Won’t Be Called Star Trek 2)?

7 Nov

Now that J.J. Abrams is officially on board to direct the sequel to his 2009 Star Trek reboot (which, according to Movieweb, isn’t going to be called Star Trek 2), new details are beginning to emerge about what we can expect. Not many details, of course, because Abrams seems to believe that his work would be ruined if it isn’t shrouded in total secrecy. This is what leads so many people to be disappointed and frustrated by his stuff, but such is the way the Super 8 crumbles. Continue reading

Boldly Going: The Naked Time/The Enemy Within

1 Nov

It’s been weeks since I’ve written an installment of Boldly Going, and it sucks to be away. Unfortunately, when life careens out of control and a newly-mobile baby demands every minute of your attention, it’s the overly-ambitious Star Trek experiment that’s the first to go.

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Watch a Trailer for The Con of Wrath

20 Oct

An independent filmmaker and Star Trek fan by the name of Larry Nemecek (who bills himself as the “Universe’s Renowned Star Trek Authority,” a claim that is difficult to substantiate) is attempting to produce a new documentary about the now-infamous 1982 Ultimate Fantasy convention, which featured one of the first convention gatherings of the entire Original Series cast. Apparently, things went disastrously wrong. Get a sense of it in the trailer after the jump: Continue reading

Boldly Going: Where No Man Has Gone Before

17 Oct

So, the title of this column pays off just four episodes in. It’s all downhill from here.

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